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We sometimes get the question, "Why do so many musicians wear custom earplugs?". This is because more and more people who play an instrument are using custom-made earplugs. However, the answer to this is quite simple. People do this to prevent hearing damage, since this is becoming more and more common among musicians.

Many people have as a hobby playing an instrument. They sometimes do this alone, but often in a band. A wonderful way to spend your time, but there is, however, a great risk involved. This is because most instruments make a lot of noise.

In fact, many instruments produce more than 80 decibels of sound(source), which is above the safe limit. In fact, anything louder than 80 db can cause hearing damage. In most cases only after a few hours of exposure, but the more decibels, the faster the musician can suffer damage. Playing in a band, in particular, carries a lot of risk.

Although especially many young musicians do not give this much thought, we regularly meet musicians who already suffer from hearing damage. Many famous artists also suffer from it. Sometimes they also suffer from tinnitus, a very annoying condition where you constantly hear a sound that is not actually there. Both tinnitus and hearing damage are currently not sufficiently treatable and therefore permanent.

Fortunately, you can avoid this misery by wearing earplugs. Despite the fact that many people are aware of this, it is not done by every musician. Mainly because many earplugs are uncomfortable. They also sometimes distort the sound, making making music a little more difficult.

However, we make unique custom earplugs that feature a special music filter. This filters the noise but the music can still be heard clearly. Also, we offer multiple types of filters, so there is always one that suits you. So now you know why musicians wear custom earplugs!

If this has made you curious, check out this page.


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