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Chris Martin and 4 other famous artists with tinnitus

artists with tinnitus

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If you are familiar with tinnitus then you know what a terrible condition it is. Mainly because you are simply suffering from it all the time. If you suffer from it, you are certainly not alone. In fact, there are somewell-known artists with tinnitus.

One of the most common reasons for not taking earplugs is because people think " hearing damage won't happen to them. Yet in many cases this thought is not justified, as the number of people with ear disorders has increased significantly in recent years. Even famous people seem to suffer from it. That is why we have listed 5 famous artists with tinnitus for you.

Chris Martin (Coldplay)

That even superstars - like every human being - are susceptible to hearing damage proved the fact that Coldplay singer Chris Martin has suffered from tinnitus for years. In an interview he said that ´´protecting your hearing is something you don´t do until it´s too late´´. Unfortunately, we hear this from more people. Make sure you do not make that mistake!

Anthony Kiedis (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

Although it is currently quiet around this band, Red Hot Chili Peppers remains a legendary rock formation. Although we can imagine that the many albums they have recorded have caused some hearing damage. This unfortunately appears to be the case, as singer Anthony Kiedis suffered from tinnitus.

Jett Rebel

Not only international artists suffer from unwanted sounds in their ears. There are also some Dutch artists with tinnitus, including Jett Rebel. This singer and musician has suffered both hearing damage and tinnitus during his career .

Fortunately, it appears that the versatile artist has since learned to live with it a bit. In doing so, he has been consistently wearing hearing protection ever since. By the way, we assume that the other well-known artists with tinnitus from this list are doing the same by now.

Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton is considered by many music lovers to be one of the best guitarists in the world. This is of course a great compliment, but unfortunately all that playing also has a downside. Namely, you increase that chance of developing ear disease, and that's what happened to Clapton.

Brian Johnson (AC/DC)

Considering that the performances of hard rock band (AC/DC) have been in the news several times because of noise pollution, we don't think it's really surprising that singer Brian Johnson suffered from hearing damage and tinnitus. In fact, it appeared to have gotten so bad that he had to temporarily stop performing.

If you make music yourself (and want to avoid being on this list in a few years time), you can always ask us for free advice on hearing protection. You can also read more about custom-made earplugs here.


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