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Dry Ears - Music while surfing or swimming

Dry Ears ear plugs swim 2

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Audinc has a new product called "Dry Ears. This makes it possible to listen to music while swimming or surfing. This without the risk of the earphones falling out or water running into your ears.

With Airpods and other Bluetooth earbuds, it is possible to listen to music or podcasts almost anywhere. With the exception of environments with water. While newer models of Airpods can withstand splashing water, they can't exactly be called waterproof. As a result, music cannot be listened to while surfing and swimming.

By the way, waterproof earplugs are available. However, the disadvantage of these is that they easily fall out of the ear. Or that they do not seal well, allowing water to enter the ear.

Music while surfing or swimming

However, we have come up with a solution - Dry Ears. These are custom-made swimming plugs that can be connected to a waterproof MP3 player (included). This allows you to listen to music even in the water, without the earbuds falling out all the time. Or running the risk of water entering the ear canal.

We can imagine that using an MP3 player sounds a bit old-fashioned. Although this is a high-quality device that is also waterproof.


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Dry Music earplugs are available in both floating and non-floating material. The former option reduces the chances of losing the earplugs should you drop them once.

Another advantage of "Dry Music" is that this product can also be used for other applications. Consider, for example, running in the rain.

Dry Ears

Dry Music is a variation of the Dry Ears. These are earplugs specifically designed to hold back water. However, this new variant allows you to enjoy music or podcasts in addition to protection.

Would you like to surf or swim with your own soundtrack from now on? Then take a quick look at Dry Music's production page. Or contact us without obligation. We will gladly provide you with advice.


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Dry Ears ear plugs swim 2

Dry Ears - Music while surfing or swimming

Audinc has a new product called "Dry Ears. With this, it is possible to use during [...]
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