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Fitting earplugs | How does that actually work?

The Earplugs fitting process

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Many people wonder how earplugs are actually fitted. Therefore, in this blog we will explain step by step how we do it.

Fitting earplugs - the 8 steps

1. We ask what your wishes are.

First, we'll meet with you to see exactly what you want. We give you free advice and if you decide to get earplugs, then we go on to step 2. We also choose a filter together (which you can always have changed later, free of charge).

2. We check your ears

Before we begin, we first check that your ears are not blocked. We also check that there is not too much irritation in the ear canal. Although it rarely happens, there are situations in which it is better not to do a fitting at that moment.

3. We inject a liquid into it

A liquid is injected into your ears that hardens after a few minutes. This is less annoying that it sounds. The only drawback is that you are temporarily not allowed to talk or move your mouth for a while. So make sure you don't bring anyone with you who tries to make you laugh during the fitting 😉

4. We remove the impression from your ears

The now hard material is carefully removed from your ears.

5. The print is taken to the laboratory.

We take the impression, then have it developed in the laboratory.

6. We print the earplugs.

In the laboratory, we then have the earplugs printed with a special 3D printer.

7. We send the earplugs to you (or you come and get them)

After the earplugs are finished, they will be sent to your home. However, it is also possible to pick them up.

8. You can enjoy sound anywhere without risking hearing damage!

Once you have received the earplugs, you will now be able to protect yourself from hearing damage anytime, anywhere. Or you can sleep better, should you have chosen sleep plugs.

Would you also like to fit earplugs? Then take a look at our product range. However, if you have more questions, do not hesitate to ask. You may call, email or drop by.

Also, take a look at our Instagram or Facebook page.


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