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The benefits of sleeping with earplugs

Sleeping with earplugs

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You may have considered. Sleeping with earplugs. Yet chances are you eventually stopped doing so. This could be because they weren't comfortable, or because you thought they didn't help.

In this blog, we'll tell you whether or not it's advisable to start using our sleep plugs after all.

We will cover the following topics:

  • Why sleep is important
  • How earplugs can contribute to a good night's sleep
  • What types of sleep plugs there are
  • What you should definitely take with you on your trip
  • Whether you can also use them when studying

The importance of sleep

Basically, just about everyone knows that sleep is necessary. Nevertheless, many people underestimate it. People pull nights out for work, study or sometimes even a festival. This is fine for once in a while, but if you do this on a weekly basis, it is very bad for your body. And also for your brain.

The same is true for people who are in bed enough, but hardly ever sleep because of discomfort. This can be stress, but also irritating noises. Think of a snoring partner, passing cars or noise from the neighbors. It is common for people to be unable to fall asleep because of this or to be constantly startled awake.

Sleeping with earplugs

Sleeping with earplugs. Many people who suffer from the aforementioned noises consider this. It can certainly be a godsend. When you don't hear the sounds, they can't keep you awake either. Basically, "ordinary earplugs" from the drugstore are sufficient for this. However, there are some drawbacks that users of these experience:

  • Pain in carrying
  • Earbuds that fall out
  • Insufficient operation
  • The ear was shut off too much

These issues can cause people to soon stop wearing sleep earplugs again, once again suffering from the noise and thus not sleeping well.

Custom made sleep plugs

In that case, custom-made sleep plugs can be a godsend. This is because these are precisely shaped to the ear of the wearer so they fit much more snugly and do not fall out. This can be a big relief for people who find standard earplugs uncomfortable. Custom-made earplugs are also hollow inside, so it is not painful to wear them while lying on one side.

Also, these earplugs feature a special filter, which ensures that harmful sounds are filtered out. So you can be sure that the noise in your environment will be less audible. Also not unimportant important alarm signals are still perceptible, unlike many standard earplugs.

Sleeping with earplugs during your vacation

Ambient noise may not bother you at home, but it does when you sleep somewhere else, for example. This is not surprising at all. After all, you quickly get used to the sounds in your own environment. Sounds in a strange place, on the other hand, are new and still attract your attention.

This is one of the reasons why people often sleep poorly in a hotel or at a campsite. Therefore, it is nice if you could solve this easily. Audinc's custom-made earplugs are also very suitable for this purpose. Sleeping with earplugs is therefore also possible on vacation or while traveling. Thanks to the handy storage pouch, you can easily take them with you.

Study or relax with earplugs

We are often asked if these custom-made earplugs can also be used for when you want to study in peace or just relax. Sleeping plugs are also perfect for this. So ideal for students or people who want to meditate.

Need to sleep with earplugs?

Whether sleeping with earplugs is something for you is best judged by yourself. If you suffer from noise but find normal earplugs unpleasant, you should definitely consider it. They can also be a good solution against insomnia if you travel often.

Here are a few more benefits:

  • Pleasant to wear
  • Optimal filtering of unwanted sounds
  • Good fit
  • Alarm signals can still be heard
  • Includes convenient storage pouch


  • Optimal wearing comfort due to hollow shape
  • Super soft silicone material
  • Suitable for long-term daily use
  • Includes convenient storage pouch
  • Available in various colors


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