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Hearing damage

Hearing damage

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Hearing damage | Hearing damage

Damage to hearing can have several causes. It can be caused by exposure to noise, diseases or certain medications. When damage to hearing occurs, it cannot be cured, this is also called permanent hearing damage. In 2010, research showed that 42% of all reports of occupational diseases were about hearing complaints. The main characteristics of hearing complaints are: custom-made earplugs can prevent this.


Tinnitus is called tinnitus with a difficult word. It can manifest in a mild form, where it is only noticeable in a quiet room, and it can manifest in a constant form.

Varying experiences of sound by frequency range

Varying experiences in sound by frequency range means that people experience sound as too loud in one frequency range and not in others. Frequency (expressed in Hertz) is the number of vibrations produced by a sound source per second. A human can perceive between 20 and 20,000 Hertz under normal conditions. With hearing damage, each frequency varies, so sounds in different frequency ranges are perceived differently.

Difficulty with intonations

Difficulty with intonations means that frequency - analysis is impaired. Certain hair cells in the hearing can no longer transmit stimuli. This can occur to varying degrees in both ears, causing the reception of sound to fall into stereo, so to speak. This makes it more difficult to determine where the sound is coming from.

Equipment that produces noise goes on and on harder

When equipment that produces sound must be turned up louder and louder, it means that the hair cells in the ear need more and more stimulation to transmit a signal to the brain. The ear becomes more insensitive by adjusting to the loud sound level.

In short, too much and too long noise can damage the cilia in the cochlea. These cilia are tiny and move by sound waves. When sound is perceived too loudly or for too long, the hairs are overloaded and can break permanently.

Preventing a hearing loss

The best way to prevent hearing damage is to avoid loud noises. Although, however, this is not possible for everyone. Hence, wearing earplugs is a good alternative. When it comes to preventing hearing damage, custom-made earplugs are the best choice.

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