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Hearing protection at work | When is it necessary?

Hearing protection at work

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All well and good this festival season, but what about if you are also bothered by noise at work? Even then you can purchase custom-made earplugs. In fact, in many cases you are even entitled to hearing protection at work. In this blog you can read exactly how this works.

We generally know that things like fireworks and loud music are bad for your hearing. Yet there are other situations in which you can suffer damage to your hearing. For example, at your workplace.

The best-known example of an occupation in which you are constantly exposed to noise is construction. This of course because of the many machines and tools that produce quite a bit of noise. The same applies to the hospitality industry. Here the noise is often even more present, because in this kind of place the music is almost always on full blast.

Yet there are other professions where the risk of hearing damage is very high. Think, for example, of people who work at the airport. By the way, did you know that elementary school teachers also have to endure a lot of noise?

Earplugs can help with this. Especially the custom-made kind, because they are nicer to wear and offer better protection. They also come with a special filter, which filters out almost only the noise and still allows conversation.

The only drawback may be the price, but fortunately you can also be reimbursed for the earplugs. If the average noise level at your workplace exceeds 80 db, your employer is obliged to offer hearing protection. This is because of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

How does one find out what this average noise level is? We can find this out for you with a sound measurement. In many cases this is free of charge and if you wish you can have earplugs fitted immediately afterwards. If you want more information, please contact us. Or read more about hearing protection at work here.


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