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New regulations on hearing protection

New regulations on hearing protection

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Recategorization of hearing protection legislation (EU 2016/425) as of April 21, 2019

One of the biggest risks faced in many workplaces is getting hearing damage. This is recognized in the new European regulation on personal protective equipment, and this new legislation (link) mainly adds additional obligations.

The obligation that an employee be offered hearing protection at an average daily dose of 85 decibels (A) remains in effect. In doing so, the employer is also obliged to ensure that the employee actually wears his hearing protectors.

New regulations on hearing protection

The new regulation puts hearing protection in category III, which is also the highest risk category for PPE. This means that the EU seriously recognizes the danger of irreversible hearing damage in the workplace. Which in our view is completely justified.

Current Dutch Commodities Act Decree on PPE disappears

The legislation works directly from Europe and therefore does not need to be transposed into national legislation by the member states. This means that the current Dutch Commodities Act Decree on PPE will thereby disappear completely.

Changes new legislation for employers

  • Hearing protectors must be tested for sealing by means of a leak test when put into service and every 2 years thereafter . If this is not possible, the hearing protectors must be replaced every 4 years.
  • All checks and measurements must be recorded by us.

We at Audinc welcome this new legislation and are in the process of implementing all the new rules. It will improve quality and give otoplastics a more prominent place among other PPE, which we believe is necessary.


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