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Looking for the best earpiece security?

We make custom-made security earpieces.

Our walkie-talkie earpieces security provide the best possible hearing protection.

The convenience of walkie-talkie earpieces for security

In the security industry, communication between employees is very important. Security guards must be able to have easy contact with each other and switchboards during their work. This is necessary to do their jobs properly and, most importantly, safely.

But the security earpiece your employees are wearing now, does it protect their ears from loud noises? Chances are the answer is "no.

This is unfortunate because security guards often work in places where there is a lot of noise. Think of busy entertainment centers, concerts and sporting events. Then a walkie-talkie earpiece for security with hearing protection is ideal. Your security guards can continue to communicate with each other and protect their ears against hearing damage.

The dangers of hearing damage

Security is a dynamic field of work. One time you deploy your people at a soccer game, another time at a concert. We also often encounter security guards at entertainment centers, festivals and shopping malls.

These are all places where noise levels rise quickly. And do you expose people daily to more than 80 dB? Then there is already a chance of hearing damage.

Hearing damage in top 3 occupational diseases

So when it comes to proper hearing protection, there is still a lot of work to do. Damage to hearing has very unpleasant consequences. There are the obvious complaints like tinnitus, a beeping sound, noise and deafness.

But did you know that many people also suffer from fatigue, stress, difficulty concentrating and high blood pressure? Sometimes it is so bad that they are unable to work for long periods of time.

Walkie-talkie earpieces are a must in security

So security guards must wear earplugs as well as a security earpiece during their work. But how do you get that done?

With walkie-talkie earpieces for security that are simultaneously a hearing protector. These are connected to a communication system, allowing communication with fellow security guards and dispatchers. But they are also hearing protectors that block harmful sound spikes.

The walkie-talkie earpieces are safe for daily use and allow sufficient ambient noise to pass through. This, of course, is also an important requirement for security guards. After all, they can only do their job properly if they can hear what is going on around them.

Working safely with walkie-talkie earpieces for security

There is increasing attention to hearing protection, yet many workers are still at risk of hearing damage on a daily basis. Because such damage is often irreversible, you must do everything possible to prevent it. It prevents long-term suffering for your employees. And without hearing damage, security guards remain employable longer.

At Audinc, we have walkie-talkie earpieces for security with hearing protection that we custom fit to your staff. The earplugs can be delivered quickly and we offer a 100% comfort guarantee. So your employees won't even notice they have the earplugs in.

Want to know more about walkie-talkie earpieces for security? Then feel free to contact us. You can also request a free quote. Or immediately make an appointment for your staff to measure a security earpiece.


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