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Custom Pure Tones


  • Most flat damping available
  • Optional: Click; 2 in 1 filter
  • Best possible music experience
  • Suitable for long-term & daily use
  • Includes convenient storage pouch
  • Flexible silicone material

How does it work?

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Easily make an appointment online. For the complete appointment, we schedule a total of 20 minutes.

Measurement at our location

During the scheduled appointment you can, view demos and finalize your choices.

We customize your earplugs

As soon as your earplugs are ready you will be notified by us.

Pick up/send earplugs

We ship the earplugs or make an appointment to pick them up(with inspection and instruction)

Audinc Pure Tones - Custom-Made Earplugs with Linear Damping Filters

Experience superior sound management with Audinc Pure Tones, the custom-made earplugs that feature linear attenuation filters. These filters ensure that each frequency is attenuated as evenly as possible, allowing you to enjoy a natural sound experience without distortion.


  • Material: Made of high-quality, flexible silicone for optimal comfort and durability.
  • Options: Available with optional handles and a lanyard for added convenience.

Filter Strengths:

  1. Low (Green): SNR of -10 dB, ideal for light noise reduction.
  2. Medium (Blue): SNR of -13 dB, perfect for medium noise reduction.
  3. Strong: SNR of -19 dB, suitable for powerful noise reduction.
  4. Extreme: SNR of -23 dB, designed for very high noise reduction.

Optional Upgrade: Audinc Click

Audinc Click is an innovative feature optionally available for each filter strength. With a simple push, you can change the standard filter to the Ludicrous filter, which offers an SNR of -28 dB for maximum noise reduction. This upgrade makes the earplugs versatile and suitable for various environments and noise levels.

Choose Audinc Pure Tones and protect your hearing without sacrificing sound quality. Perfect for music lovers, concertgoers, and anyone who values personalized and comfortable hearing protection.


Damping values Audinc Puretones

Damping values Audinc Puretones with click (closed position)


high-quality pouch


Free customization of filters and controls

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Making an appointment for fitting

Easily make an appointment for an appointment at one of our locations.

Making an appointment for fitting

Easily make an appointment for an appointment at one of our locations.
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